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thumb Will!sorry, woman dress again (yeah i love doing that! _(:з」∠)_
Will feels a little uncomfortable because he doesn’t wear panty :3


thumb Will!sorry, woman dress again (yeah i love doing that! _(:з」∠)_

Will feels a little uncomfortable because he doesn’t wear panty :3

Anonymous said:
Hugh and Mads, impossible to choose between them, so realistically the only option is to have both at the same time.

Come off Anon so I can build a statue to your image and show to the world the one and only face of TRUTH

Seriously though you’re 800% right this is the only option and no one should tell you otherwise

And how would you like it, tell Harpsie your darkest desires (๑>ᴗ<๑)

Okay peeps send me (in anon) all your Mads / Hugh / whoever fantasies, I need some smut to complete the day go go go go go

dadtum replied to your post “Holy shite the interview lasted over an hour and the Hotel’s HR…”

But how did it go?

I got nervous at first because I didn’t really answer the questions she asked me at the beginning. I was too general, I was talking about values and abstract shit when she was asking about concrete details.

But it got better I think? Several times during the intervew she was nodding very appreciatively and at one point she even said that she was utterly impressed! She put me in a work situation where X and Y happens, I had to answer what I’d do, how I’d feel, etc. 

She was impressed because she had asked me “but what do you feel about the chef who came to your office, visibly really angry, and about the other employee who misunderstood your reaction / feelings?”

And I said something like you’d have to expect people to be angry/stressed/nervous and that you have to know that their anger is not directed towards you, aka you don’t take things personally. I added “it’s the human mind spectrum we know we can never fully measure” and she was like damn gurl u smart cookie

However she told me I was too demanding with myself and that I should lower my expectations towards people, as they may not have the same level of requirements as I do and thus I’d be deceived / disappointed if I’m too harsh with everyone. She said it was a good thing, but that I have to deal with other people who are way different.

Overall I think it went well? But again, last time I thought it did and they rejected my application. Staying positive, though!

Holy shite the interview lasted over an hour and the Hotel’s HR director was here too *sweats profusely*


Imagine Will Graham playing ‘talk dirty to me’ on the harpsicord. Hannibal is confused, irritated, and aroused.



pumpkin spice candles soon

pumpkin lattes soon

pumpkin everything


Anonymous said:
"I'm letting my shame swallow me whole" best tag. very nice description really fucking hot, damn.

Yeah Nonnie, let’s get hoping they never ever ever find my blog,

But at the same time whatever, fantasies are what they are, aka not meant to be fulfilled.

Anonymous said:
I often think about getting on my knees in front of Mads and watching him jerk off as I lick the head of his cock. He then starts to fuck my face and end up swallowing his load. I lick him clean and he kiss me and tastes himself on me.

400% Harpsie approved, keep them coming <3 (ahem)

I’d look up from time to time and hope he enjoys the view.

Anonymous said:
Okay. Do you have a fantasy about Hugh? *waggles eyebrows*

Don’t tryna hide I know who you are >:|

I’ve imagined giving him head, lazy Sunday afternoon sex style, y’know? Hugh completely naked, back resting against pillows, hands stroking my hair, silent safe for a few moans every now and then, the sound of his body shifting on the sheets to find a better position, to feel new sensations as he slowly thrusts into my mouth. He keeps his eyes closed but likes to peek from time to time. His breath quickens, his moans get louder when he comes, but he’s still rather quiet.

I probably wouldn’t be as quiet as he flips me onto my back and pushes me to where he was lying minutes before, only to dip his head down south and eat me out with long, broad strokes of his tongue.

Anonymous said:
When I’m alone I like to put my hands around my own throat and feel my heart beating in there and then I think about Hannibal strangling me and squeezing the life out of me (while performing sexual acts on me) and then slapping my face until I regain consciousness again. What do you think?

Oh no bb don’t let him hurt you too bad, what about he chokes you but he stops right before you lose consciousness?

So he lets you know what power he holds over you but at the same time shows he’s merciful and tender still.

I’m too gentle a girl, I’d rather he do that and then caress and kiss my cheek for a while and make sure I’m alright before he starts making love to me again.


Edit: forgot to add that but ofc you’re free to send me as much messages like this as you wish Nonnie <3 ok? ok.

Anonymous said:
For anon hour: Your ultimate fantasy of you and Mads. Describe it.

It involves me being shy and freaked out followed by soft whimpers against satin sheets, whispers and soft kisses against my neck, tongues where they sure as heck don’t belong.

Maybe he’d find me cute and call me his little doll, his darling one, his sweet petite girl, as I’m over a foot shorter and roughly 70 lbs lighter than him. I just love pet names.

He wouldn’t be too rough, he knows I’m not experienced even though quite playful. He’d go slowly, achingly slowly, making sure it’s more pleasure than pain.